Modeling & Textures

Modeling and Texture Creation was done using Maya, Blender and Photoshop

The Bicycle and Rider Models was created from scratch, with every component modeled down to the brakes, brake wires and yes, water bottles.

In the end, complicated components like the Chainrings, Cassette and Chain were greatly simplified to keep the tri/vert count low.

Triangle & Vertex Count

The totals below could easily be further optimized without decreasing quality (likely increased quality with a little work). The original goal/budget I set was to try to get the combined cycling and bicycle models in the 10,000 polygon ballpark for this demo.


Rouleur Bicycle Wireframe


Rouleur Cyclist Wireframe

UV layout & Textures

From there, UVs were laid out and a simple set of textures was applied.

Rouleur Texture Maps
These can be enhanced by baking normal and ambient occlusion maps, and of course, extra details in the paintings - especially on the jerseys.


Quick Render

Render of Cyclist on Bicycle