Looking into the past

Posted onAugust 10, 2015

Ok, not so "in depth", but a fun exercise none the less.

I've recently sifted through my archives to uncover some of my previous web designs for my personal / portfolio site. Here are some quick snapshots.

Note: I've also been amazed that most of these are still functional with modern browsers, similar to the old Space Jam site, nothing broken, everything legible. Not responsive (or attractive), but functional.

'03 Edition - Probably the first website I ever created.

'03 Website

'04 Edition

'04 Website

This iteration contained probably the first image gallery I've ever created.

'04 Website Gallery

'05 Edition

'05 Website

So, somehow during a nearly 10 year time period, I failed to update my site at all. There was a placeholder that stood in place there for a while (soon was a bit of an exaggeration):

 Placeholder Website

'13 Edition

2013 Site - Drupal Based