Note: I've abandoned this project. I'm really excited to see what Zwift has to offer, it looks like everything I was trying to accomplish (and more.)

Rouleur is a fitness motivation tool for use indoors with a bicycle & trainer pair. It uses power data provided by a ANT+ capable power meter to control the speed of a virtual rider. The virtual rider is immersed in a rich video game environment with competition to provide motivation and entertainment for those boring indoor rides.

The video game was built with the free version of Unity, which provides the ability to publish to multiple platforms, and provides easy asset integration / level building


When starting this project, I was looking to fill the void of a solid & stable, visually pleasing, cycling fitness game that was multiplatform and not tied to any specific device (such as a specific trainer.)

Some Quick Questions

Q: Is this something I can download?

A: No, unfortunately this is only currently a very early demo, and thus, not very straighforward to setup.


Q: Is the demo playable, or is the above video pre-rendered?

A: The above graphics are from actual game play, and are of me using the game during a training session. It is not a pre-rendered sequence, and with additional finessing, It can be so much better.


Q: What are your future development plans?

A: None, I've since abandoned this project. Zwift has accomplished what I set out to create (and much more)


Rouleur In Game Sample