Additional Items

To add more feedback and information for the player, statistics about their current ride is present.


This GUI or display consists of the following at the top:

  • Total Time
  • Total Distance
  • Current Speed (Derived from ANT+ data and conditions)
  • Current Power (Fromn ANT+ data)
  • Current Heart Rate (From ANT+ data)
  • Current Cadence (From ANT+ data)
  • Overall Placement among competitors

In addition the elevation map of the course is placed at the bottom. This is created by sampling the waypoints created along the course for their elevation. A progress indicator for the player along the course is also provided.


Gameplay allows for quick switching between different camera angles. The currently programmed camera angles are:

  • Just Behind Player - looking up the road
  • Helicopter (Aerial) - Looking down on the player from a slightly recessed position (not straight down)
  • Side of the road ahead of the player and behind the player (From both the left and right sides)

Terrain display optimization

With over 750,000 trees in play over the entire terrain, some optimization beyond Unity's default culling system was necessary. Terrains pieces were turned off completely when out of range of the player. This especially helped lag the was occurring when the player turned.