Rouleur is a multidisciplinary endevour. In order for the demonstration to work the following areas are involved:


The player control is driven by commercially available sensors including a heart rate monitor (strap) and Power meter. Although no custom development was necessary here, it was necessary to understand what information was provided by these devices.

ANT+ Protocol

Data from hardware sensors are converted to signals and distributed wirelessly. To correctly access these retrieved signals, an understanding of their format was necessary. Additionally, C# wrapper functions were written to help interface with Unity, the game engine.

Digital Content and Asset Creation

The Cyclist and Bicycle were modeled and textured from scratch in Autodesk Maya, Blender and Adobe Photoshop. Animation cycles for use in the game engine were also created

Unity - Game Development

A solid understanding of the core functionality and script availability of the Unity game engine was necessary. For this demonstration this covered a varying amount of topics including:
Environment creation and optimization, lightmapping, path/waypoint following, simple opponent AI, asset integration, animation scripting and control, scripting character motion and control, GUI elements for the display of player statistics.